Cybersecurity Services for Your Business

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73% of small businesses are at risk of some sort of cyberthreat, according to Infosecurity Inc. magazine.

That means that CPA/Accounting firms, Non-profits, Small Medical Practices, and Membership Associations are all at risk for cyberthreats. Our cybersecurity services are designed to protect you and your business from these threats while keeping your data safe. However, not all cybersecurity services are the same.

Many cybersecurity solutions fall short of offering you the results that you’re expecting.

At PC Technologies, we believe different because we believe that cybersecurity solutions should safeguard your data and help you grow your company. With our expertise, your cybersecurity standing will be reinforced, improving your network and decreasing your stress.

You’ll get the cybersecurity protection you need from experts skilled in protecting your infrastructure and data. Your cybersecurity standing will be tailored to fit the needs of your budget, industry, and operational impact. You'll receive a security solution that allows you to maximize efficiency while giving you a renewed sense of focus while running your business.

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A Holistic Approach to Securing Your Business

Cybersecurity services, when properly implemented, are about balance. They should be designed around not being too restrictive yet practical – it's about finding the right mix of what works for your office and what’s too much.

When integrating security solutions, here are some common issues we run into:

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    Incorrectly implemented security services, leaving your company open to breaches or loss

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    The possibility of reputation damage from not correctly integrating with the rest of your IT

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    Failure to protect intellectual property from theft

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    Disruptions from downtime/lack of optimization of hardware, software, and network

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Our cybersecurity services include key benefits like:

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    Targeted security assessments, ranging from cloud security to your firm’s general security posture

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    Monitoring of your network with machine learning functionality and human review, analyzing and observing for suspicious activity

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    Transforming your culture to think “security first," including cybersecurity training and testing

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    Zero-trust IT architecture, enabling your firm to combat the evolving threat landscape

The Process of How We Support You


Partnering with us is simple

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    Schedule a Discovery Call where we learn about your firm while identifying and discussing your IT challenges

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    You’ll receive valuable guidance, information, and recommendations as we determine if we’re a good fit to work together

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    We will deliver a proposal to you that outlines how we can work together in solving your challenges and expectations

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    You decide if we’re the right partner for you. From there, we’ll handle the rest

Ready for IT Services that work for you rather than against you?

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