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We service Thurston, Pierce, Lewis, and Mason Counties of Washington State.

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Is your data safe? Are your computers secure? Find out how your network is doing.

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Never Fear Again

Your worries about data loss or hardware failure can be put to rest. We are always on call, always monitoring, and can take care of the problems before they happen.

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Back Up Your Data

Data is incredibly important to business. We have solutions to make your data safe, secure, and ready at any time.

Stop Wasting Time

Time has an incredible price against your business. We know how to take care of IT problems so you can spend your time on what you do best.

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We monitor systems 24/7 and are available when you spot a problem. You should not have to wait for IT to do your job.

Upload to the Cloud

Keeping your data secured in the cloud is a great way to protect your business from disaster.

Where is Your Time Spent?

Can you track where you’re spending your time? Is a lot of your time being spent on fixing computer problems and not actually working on what’s making you money? What if your server went down, how long would it take to fix?

  • Money Making 50%
  • Planning and Contacting 33%
  • Fixing IT Problems 17%

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